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Business Risk Insurance

All businesses face risk, regardless of their size or the industry they are in. While we can’t control what happens to us in life, we can make the bad times easier.

Could your business keep working when you or other key people can’t? Life and health insurance gives you a way to make sure your assets and your business are adequately safeguarded.

Why do I need insurances cover for the people in the business?

Will your business achieve the continued turnover if a key person, share-holder, or owner of the business was unable to work due to an illness, injury or death?

In business the most important assets are the people and the revenue they generate thru their specialised tasks and duties.


  • What is the financial impact on your business if you lose a key person?
  • How soon before your business started accruing additional costs?
  • Have you loaned funds to the business through your current account?
  • Have you used your private residence as security?
  • Loans and guarantees remain in force and transfer to your estate in the event of death or permanent impairment.
  • Could your family manage?
  • How would your family assess the value of your shareholding if you died or were so disabled that you could never work again?

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