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Parenting & Your Children – Learn about the wisdom in engaging a Financial Advisor

We love our kids. As they go through the different stages in life, help set them up for a win by engaging a professional financial advisor.

Some of these phases of life are:

Age 0 – 5, 24/7 care / pre-school

Age 5 – 12, School learning 

Age 13 -19, The Teenage years, College, Drivers’ licence 

Age 20 – 23, Further education (Uni, NMIT), First jobs, Full-time work, First cars, Renting and Car Insurance 

Age 24 – 30, Full-time work, relationships, savings, first home = Financial Assistance, Life Cover, Mortgage Protection.

Age 30 plus, Mortgage, Children, Babysitting, Financial Assistance, Life Cover, Mortgage protection and more.

Parenting is awesome. You learn on the job. You get it right and sometimes you get it wrong! Are you the best person to give your kids financial advice? Read this and get in touch.

Question: What age are your children? What financial advice do they need?

  • Budgeting
  • Employment
  • Saving$
  • Insurances 

I am qualified and experienced in these areas. I have access to the BEST products in the market. I am here to help. Don’t wait until it’s too late. What have you got to lose?

Peter Ogilvie

Contact me for a free appraisal and learn how I can help set you and your children up for a win. Email me today CLICK HERE.

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