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Peter Ogilvie Life Insurance

Life Insurance. You can’t eat it, you can’t ride it, you can’t wear it…

Life Insurance – let’s be honest, it’s not the most exciting topic!

Why are so many people scared of it?

It’s not evil, it’s not even a necessity…

Why do people insure the family assets but not themselves? – What is more important?

So why should people have Life Insurance?

Here are 5 simple reasons:

  1. Pay off mortgage debt, cover funeral costs and possible lawyer, accountant fees along with other expenses 
  2. Protect your family 
  3. Leave an inheritance
  4. Add Financial security
  5. Peace of mind

New Zealanders are typically very underinsured or have no insurance. Life insurance is a low-cost insurance for many people.

Are you a Non-smoker? Read this interesting article on Stuff.co.nz about how non-smokers are paying lower premiums.

The ability to get life insurance is a straightforward process. Get in touch with your insurance specialist who will go through an easy needs analysis to ascertain your needs and the levels of cover required.

Applications these days are a lot easier with modern electronic applications.

So, it’s not evil, it’s not a necessity for some, BUT if you have a mortgage, family, business interests, and other people in your life you may want to assist financially… stop procrastinating and get the life insurance box ticked for your peace of mind. You never know when people in your life may need it.

Contact me today and I can help sort this for you.

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