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Insurance Review

Congrats Italy – Congrats England!

A great European Cup football final that was anyone’s match for the taking.
One of my passions in life is watching top-level sport and although I did not see too many games in the European Cup tournament it has been exciting to hear of England’s victories on their way to the final.
July is always a great month of sport for me – Wimbledon and again Novak Djokovic was supreme winning in 4 sets over an up & coming Italian in Matteo Berrettini.

Slovenian Tadej Pogačar (centre)

The Tour de France continues with Slovenian Tadej Pogačar looking strong after 2 weeks to repeat his amazing win from last year. The Olympics are just around the corner showcasing the best athletes in the world over many different events.

So, what’s the correlation between sport and insurance?

Sure, most sportspeople are very healthy and fit so they can often get insurance covers easier.
One of the many great things I love with sports and insurance is meeting new people in the Nelson Tasman region and discussing their backgrounds.

“My client base has grown remarkably over the last couple of years and it has been because of many reasons, but one I believe that is hugely important is relating to people from different countries who now call Nelson home and enjoy our beautiful landscape and also enjoy the sports available.”

Peter Ogilvie

So yes, we have Italian clients who will be celebrating for a few days on Pizza & Peroni.
We have English clients who will be disappointed but proud of their team’s best football result in 55 years!

South Africans, Filipinos, Irish, Welsh, Scottish, French, Dutch and other countries all feature strongly in our databases. Insurances are different in their home countries, so as part of our insurance service we provide knowledge and understanding, which is just as important as gaining rapport and trust with our friends from all around the world. And in these tough Covid 19 times, why wouldn’t we love everyone from every part of the world?

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