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Business Insurance

Business Insurance

Feeling overwhelmed already?

We don’t blame you!

There are so many options out there when it comes to insuring your business it’s hard to know what you actually need. So let’s start by talking about a few different types of business insurances that are available.

1. Business Life Cover.

Business Life Insurance provides for business continuity. It is a way to ensure your business has the funds when a key person can no longer contribute, and your liabilities are covered.

2. Key Person Cover.

This ensures a monthly benefit and/or lump sum is paid out to offset additional costs of losing a key person through serious illness, injury or death. It covers staff replacement costs, training costs, contract penalties and loss of profits.

In business the most important assets are the people and the revenue they generate through their specialised tasks and duties.

3. Debt Protection Cover

Provides a lump sum to repay debt to shareholders or release personal guarantees, following serious illness, injury or death. These funds take pressure off the business and allow it to move forward.

4. Shareholder Cover

Provides a lump sum for remaining shareholders to purchase the shares of a shareholder who makes an unplanned exit from the business due to serious illness, injury or death. These funds provide the departed shareholder’s family or estate with capital and provide the remaining shareholders with control of the business.

5. ACC Cover

We can help self-employed business clients obtain the very best ACC and Risk Cover. We help to restructure your ACC coverage for the self-employed to gain surety of benefits, reduce your levies and add great value to businesses.

6. Farmers Insurance

Farmers need life insurance to protect the debt on the farm that may include mortgages, plant, stock, outbuildings, leases, etc. The also need illness & injury covers to protect their farming operation in the event that have a major illness or injury. Continuation plans are crucial to all farming business operations.

We can assist with insurance whatever your business might be. We provide options & recommendations to better protect and future proof your business. Get in touch for a chat today.

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