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Read this before you buy Insurance online

Some things shouldn’t be purchased online.

That’s right I said it!

Sometimes you need to be able to ask questions rather than get answers to pre-defined questions that have been set up to coerce you into purchasing a product.

Q: Is this product right for me?

A: Of course it is, just buy it!

Buying online has given customers control of what the pay, but the product in question is an important factor. You may prefer the ease and convenience of buying life insurance online, BE AWARE some insurance companies sell online life insurance options that are not fully underwritten AND they may cost a bit more.

What if your situations change or become more complicated?

Understand the value and advantages of consulting a financial adviser.

  1. Regular reviews – You can ask questions that will help keep track of your finances and fully understand your options when changes to your circumstances occur that may affect your goals.
  2. Clear goals – a financial adviser can help you build life insurance into your overall financial plan creating a road map for reaching your goals.
  3. Product Knowledge – Life insurance is serious business and the insured must have actual knowledge of matters relevant to disclose.
  4. Tax & cost efficiency – Buying insurance through a financial adviser could be worth the extra time and effort to ensure you get an underwritten policy, you could end up paying less and getting more coverage.
  5. Peace of mind – You will feel secure and have complete peace of mind knowing you’re working with a certified financial adviser who is always available, especially during claim time.

Make informed decisions with helpful advice. Talk to us today

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