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What on earth is TPD? Total and Permanent Disability Insurance.

Welcome to the weird world of insurance where acronyms are aplenty.
Let’s break down what TPD is, how it may be beneficial to you and why it’s different from income protection insurance.

TPD stands for Total and Permanent Disability Insurance. TPD is basically a lump sum paid out to you in an instance where you are deemed by a doctor to never be able to work again. In most cases this would be a permanent disability such as a severe stroke or a very serious disease that eventually incapacitated you.

There are also mental health conditions and severe accidents to take into consideration. Yeesh, I know, it’s never fun talking about the dreaded ‘what if’s’ BUT if you cover yourself now while you are healthy, then you don’t have to worry about it ever again. You can sleep easy knowing that you and your family will be ok financially no matter what happens.

“But I have income protection insurance, so I’ll be fine.”

Income protection insurance is great, however, income protection only covers up to 75% of your previous salary. That’s a 25% gap year on year that you and your family will be missing out on. That’s where TPD comes in, you will receive a lump sum that can help you pay off your mortgage and other debts, the remainder can cover the 25% salary gap.

If you would like to know what you are currently covered for and if TPD is right for you, please send us an email. Let’s make sure you are covered.

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