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Unsettled times, Settled times, Unsettled times…

The past 3 months has been a roller coaster for us all, and a huge challenge on many fronts with not knowing what the future holds with our lives. For many, this uncertainty is going to continue.

Is the industry I work in suffering from these economic times?

How settled is my job & income?

Will I still be able to live & do all the amazing things that I have done previously?

So many questions and not many answers, but a few more answers in Level 1 Covid-19 times…

My answers……check on your finances and set up an easy spreadsheet with all your expenses, and income over the last 3 months and keep analysing till the end of 2020.

A great option is the website www.sorted.org.nz
Many people have been very pro-active doing budget plans which is great. Where will you save a few dollars? – the coffee shop, grocery store, no takeaways, no online shopping?

Good Luck, and reach out if I can help with any Insurance requirements.

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